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The Factory Complex

The Factory complex was designed to have as much of the rug manufacturing processes under one roof as was possible. It combined the previously distributed functions of administration, washing, designing and finishing into one assembly line like layout. This ensured that the upper management could have better supervision and control over the rug designing, manufacturing and finishing processes and there by help in maintaining the quality at every stage. The complex is divided into the following main areas.

Rug Design Department

As new trends keep on emerging ever more frequently, customers are demanding shorter lead times. In order to achieve this one of the most radical changes that the company has had to make is to discard with the decades old hand drawn graph design, in favour of using carpet design software. This has dramatically enriched the designing process Not only can new ideas regarding design and colours be tested immediately but approval through customer feedback can be done in a heartbeat as well.

Off load

After a long and treacherous journey through the heartlands of Afghanistan, fresh rugs off the loom, make it to our office where they are spread out for inspection in our main off load area. The area is designed to handle all sizes of cargoes, from small trucks to 40 feet containers and is usable in all weather. Once off loaded, the initial quality control starts immediately with our CEO personally checking every rug.


The Company houses one of the largest washing teams anywhere in this part of the world. The final wash of the rug is probably the most important part of the whole finishing process and we ensure that we remain in line with prevailing trends, while also trying out new ideas all the time. Each quality, market and customer, requires slightly different wash. We try to ensure each customer gets exactly what they are looking for. Shipments of important clients, as well as trial of new washing ideas are always done under the direct supervision of our CEO.


After wash, the rug can require one of the numerous small finishing touches to give it that final clean look. Our skilled staff ensures that fringes are taken care of and edges and corners are replaced if required. Very often a customer has special demands regarding such things as the length of the fringe or the type of corner to be used. Crookedness is another big factor that needs to be checked and is often only apparent once the rug is washed. Our ‘takhta’ team works tirelessly to ensure that each rug is straight.


Finalized rugs are checked once again before packing by our production manager or the CEO in order to ensure nothing is left to do. Our team makes sure any small spots or blemishes are corrected before packing or sent back once again to the finishing area, Our packing area is designed to handle everything from small courier packages to loading 40ft container, in all kinds of weather.


The offices are located on the top floor. Most of the executive staff sits along with the administration staff in order to make sure there is constant face to face interaction between management and admin staff. Guests wait in the seating area until the appropriate person is available.

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