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Usman Carpet House begun as the dream of Usman Ashraf as a small shop trading in Bokharas and Jaldaars. Over the years through shear, hard work determination and of course the help of Allah, Usman Ahsraf was able to grow this small shop into a premier manufacturer and exporter of Afghan rugs with well known customers throughout the world.


About the founder

Usman Ashraf is a well known name in the rug industry throughout the world. With no family background or work experience in the field he was able to start from scratch, learn the trade, expand horizons, and eventually create one of the best known and distinguished rug businesses in Pakistan.



Usman Ashraf started his small shop trading basic carpets locally and supplying to big exporters of the day. Little by little, business expanded and with the onset of the 80s Usman Carpet House was able to start exporting independently. At the time Usman Carpet House became the biggest supplier of Pakistani rugs to the legendary OCM of London. The 90s brought on an influx of Afghan refugees and with it the ‘Chobi’ rug. Usman Carpet House became a pioneer in this new production, setting new standards of colours, designs and delivery. The period saw a rapid expansion of the company, eventually becoming a dominant name in the trade.In the 2000s Usman Carpet House started preparing for the future, by expanding into new facilities, investing in new technology for administration and design and further expanding into new product lines and markets.



The company operates with the philosophy of establishing friendly partnerships with all clients, regardless of their buying capacity or size. We treat each client and their requirements like our own, operating with the mindset that our client’s success is our own success. By being open, honest and fair, we believe everyone in a relationship can thrive in the long run. This is why the company has been able to establish and retain working relationships with some of the best names in the rug trade, internationally.


Production and Supply Chain

We control the largest programmed production of Afghan rugs. Every major market is unique and therefore requires specialized sizes, qualities, designs and colours Our programmed production allows us to incredible consistency in terms across our product range, so every customer gets exactly what they require, every time. Our immense control also allows us to quickly change our product according to market trends. Apart from sizable productions for major markets we also have specialized looms for custom orders. Our deep links within the supply networks across small towns and villages in this part of the world also allows us to source any kind of rug, be it bazari tribals, commercials, kilims or anything else. At Usman Carpet House we cater for every market and every need.


Charitable Associations

At Usman Carpet House we believe our responsibility goes beyond our immediate self. Apart from supporting our own workers, we run a school for the children of Afghan refugees in the north of Pakistan in association with the Care and Fair foundation.Usman Carpet House is a founding member of the Pak Turk Businessman Association, which is involved in various business as well as charitable initiatives such as the Pak Turk Schools.


Usman Carpet House from Muhammad Atif on Vimeo.


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